Blackwell's School of Music and Film /
      Original Works Inc.
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We introduce the student to the entire lifecycle of the arts; 
Blackwell’s School of Music and Film and Original Works Inc. is a culturally diverse Performing Arts Company, serving children ages 7 – 18+ from the Greater Bridgeport region in Connecticut. We provide classes in dance, music, film, radio and theater and we offer professional performing arts opportunities through the original productions. Original Works Inc. was established January 1999 due to a perceived lack of after-school programming offering substantive art experiences to youths. Blackwell’s School of Music and Film was established in September 2010 as our for profit company. 

Our mission is to offer youth and adult the opportunities to use their creative spirit, to develop their artistic talents, and to work with others in creating new works of art. We are committed to unrestricted artistic expression while training each student dance, music, film, radio and theater skills and the discipline needed for their success.  

Committed to helping our students 
achieve their dreams